About Me

Born in NZ, I went to art school, Unitec New Zealand, from 2001 to 2005. There I discovered and developed my painting. My interests revolved around folk art and craft, absurdity, humour, non-seriousness, cultural values within all kinds of mediums; painting, embroidery, ceramics, origami…
The main body of my website shows works from a collection of work executed over the last 4 years in which I lived and worked in Miharu, Fukushima, Japan.
My interest in Japan began with Zen gardens, ikebana, origami and ceramics. Naturally however, over time, I gathered experiences of a whole range of Japanese-isms; language, people, seasonal festivities, culture and topics. I enjoy Hokusai`s wonderful wood prints with their depictions of Japanese life and work, now lost in these modern times. I took part in hand cultivating a rice paddy with rural farmer friends. I had lessons in Tea Ceremony. I discovered Oribe, an eccentric form of ceramics, with robust but irregular forms and decorative elements, often using dark green copper glaze and black iron oxide designs amongst many things. Gathering impressions in this way has led to a large number of painting collections.
Coming to Europe has again brought me into contact with a new range of cultures and impressions which I am happy to see, found their way into new watercolours and work. I enjoy watching this continual evolution, ever present in my paintings and life.


1980- Born in New Zealand.
1998- Graduated from Michael Park High School, Auckland.
1998- 2000 Jewellery Design apprenticeship in France.
2001- 2004 Studied at Unitec NZ.
2005- Graduated with and a Bachelor of Design, Honours, major in painting.
2005- 2007 Exhibited in numerous shows, group and solo shows, in and around Auckland. 
2007- 2011 Studying Japanese and various aspects of the culture, while living in Fukushima, Japan.


New Zealand:

2003- Anna Miles Gallery: Spring (group show).    
2003- Anna Miles Gallery: Love Token (group show).     
2004- Anna Miles Gallery: Twelve Days of Christmas (group show).    
2004- Studio 14 Gallery: I love you long garden too (solo show).
2004- Studio 14 Gallery: Roll Up (collaboration show with Krystie Wade).
2004- U-turn Gallery: (group show).   
2005- Ledge: Origami Ikebana (solo show).   
2005- Canary Gallery: English Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Topiary, Japanese Origami, Paper, Bouquets and Soft Atmospheric Green.
2006- Object Space Window Cabinet: Albino Blue.
2007- Snow White Gallery: Pretty Pretty (group show).   


2008- Yuhotoubo Studio: Spring Exhibition.          
2009- Yuhotoubo Studio: Spring Exhibition.
2010- Yuhotoubo Studio: Autumn Exhibition.


2011- C+ Gallery: Yasmin Dubrau (solo show).


2011- Schloss Mitsuko: group show with Masakazu Kusakabe.


2012 (4th-10th February) - Vallauris Institute of Art